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About Us

Disha Bhupta (Founder)

# Disha Describes Hoobbi #

Hoobbi was born with a thought of creating a niche platform for hobby artist to showcase their products to entire world using internet and native mobile applications. I being a female entrepreneur and a artist by heart, knew how much efforts it goes in creating a masterpiece with a problem that it take 200 times more efforts in selling them, this was how the idea to start a eCommerce platform clicked.

Today each and every one has some or the other hobby of creating something interesting out of things available in and around us. There are small/big NGO’s, housewives, hand-loom industry or handicraft industry creating awesome products but don’t have a marketplace to sell them, so what if there is a marketplace to showcase and sell such products. This would provide confidence to hobby artist to continue creating such awesome product which are 100% handmade, Eco-friendly and ethnic.

Hoobbi is a platform and a community for handmade, heartmade & DIY (do it yourself) products. With Hoobbi.com it allow users to BUY and SELL products with the advantage, that there are no middleman or wholesaler or retailer to eat a bigger piece of cake. Hoobbi offers seller friendly and buyer friendly terms to easy on-boarding of first time buyers and sellers

With a vision to bring entire handmade and DIY community under one roof, today hoobbi.com has more then 100+ seller and 5000+ unique handmade or DIY products and

Hoobbi is India’s only hobby market. Mission is to provide products that are handmade, hand picked , heartmade and provides the best value to the customer at best prices.

Hoobbi continues to offer a hobby market plaftform and help its artist to grow & showcase their creativity & products to entire world.